Household & Garden Carpentry

A house is a home and therefore you want to feel truly comfortable in your own surroundings with every wood fitting maintaining the highest degree of functionality.

This is where CJ Solutions excels.

Houses come in all shapes and sizes and so placement and style are central in homeowner’s minds when choosing to add a new wooden feature or renovate from the old or damaged.

We work in every room of the house. So, if it’s a walk-in wardrobe, free standing bookcase or floating shelf for the bedroom, we can build it. If it’s a contemporary or traditional kitchen you want, we make it. If it’s a real wood or laminate floor, we’ve put in countless.

Our bespoke work is of the highest quality and will utilise your space effortlessly, no matter how small. We have the skill to install any fitting to your requests and it is guaranteed to give optimal storage and elegance within the home architecture.

Garden carpentry can also really add to the character of the entire house. CJ Solutions offer a full range of external work from decking to fences and roofs to porches. Brighten up or smarten your garden by talking to us about options for home exteriors.

Explore the list below for our full range of household and garden options: