Building & Furniture Restoration

CJ Solutions can provide a full range of tailored renovation and refurbishment solutions for your home or business to redefine vacant, cluttered or worn space.

We work in a way that allows for complete conversion or a simple alteration, while other adjustments are possible to change the tone, character and charm of a room, office or entire home.

We offer layout ideas for loft conversions and can demonstrate the power of a simple change or rearrangement of furniture, new or old.

As we know context is crucial, CJ Solutions are in prime position to preserve and build upon the personality of a room based on the structural design of the larger building.

Everything from timber frame structures to their constituent parts – the wooden windows, staircases and floors – we are ready to assess the area or property and guide you through the restoration process of one or a number of parts.

Take a look at our list below for an idea of what we offer: